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Custom Modules

Overall, our general philosophy is to create modules that will benefit the majority of people. You will find that we will be continually adding modules and there will be no extra charge for the use of these modules. If, however, you need a module that is specific to your organization, contact us and we can discuss it. We have developed custom modules for organizations in the past.

Don't hesitate to contact us about any ideas you may have regarding our current modules or the proposal of a new one. You opinion is valued and it is common for us to work with an organization or individual during the development phase to make sure the module is as feature rich and easy to use as possible.

Current Modules

Calendar Events
FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions
Guest Book
Links of Interest
Minutes of Meetings in PDF format
News, Information and Attractions
Posted Forms Data
Products List
Reports in PDF Format
Staff Directory
Uploaded Files
Groups for Site Features
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