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Account Types

There are 2 different ways to become a member of datapitstop. A Business/Organization Listing or a Full Website. A Business/Organization Listing is free and consists of a 1 page writeup about yourself as well as the use of our Calendar Module to post upcoming events. The Full Website member gets a full blown dynamic website with access to all of our Modules. The following is a detailed description of each account.

Business/Organization Listing
Full Website

Account Type 1: Business/Organization Listing- FREE
A business listing account consists of 3 main parts. Your company information(Name, address, phone, etc), A single webpage to do a write-up about your company, and access to the Calendar module to post upcoming events for your company or organization(sales, meetings, etc). You will have your own login to the site so you may make updates any time you choose. You can also add user accounts so others can login and update your site if you so choose.

Features List
List all your organizations contact information (Name, address, phone, etc).
Full access to Calendar Events (Unlimited Calendar Events).
Creation of full page layout including the use of images.
Create Administrative accounts to enable multiple individuals to change your information.
You may choose products and services that represent your company so individuals may find you in our business directory.
You may choose North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to enable individuals to find you in our business directory.

Account Type 2: Full Web Site- $50.00 per month
This type of account includes the Business/Organization Listing PLUS a full blown website using our content management system. You will be given a default website to alter to your liking. You can make it look however you want. Our content management system is dynamic, meaning you get the look and feel you want, then that look and feel is applied to any new content or web pages you add. You also get full access to all of our custom modules. Adding a staff directory, calendar event, or a news event is a snap (Among many other types of content). We have worked hard to make using our content management system easy to use. We also do not restrict website or data size and there are no hidden fees. You get full access to all of our modules (as well as any modules we add) and you may add as much content as you like.

Features List
All features of the Business/Organization Listing.
Full blown dynamic website.
One datapitstop domain name, for example cars.datapitstop.com (also includes .net, .us, .biz, and .info).
Unlimited domain name associations to your datapitstop site. For example, if you have the website cars.datapitstop.com and want to register ourcars.com, mycars.com, etc., visitors will be able to get to your site by all these names. Add as many domain names as you wish. You must register any additional domain names yourself however we are more than happy to help.
Create the look and feel of your site once, this includes a header and footer. Subsequent pages are created very quickly or in the case of one of our modules within seconds.
Fully supports HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We use CSS heavily by default. You may also use any other type of content to design your site like flash.
Complete menu system. Create many different types of menus dynamically.
Full access to all content management modules including but not limited to:
    - Calendar Events
    - FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions
    - Gallery
    - Guest Book
    - Links of Interest
    - Minutes of Meetings in PDF format
    - News, Information and Attractions
    - Posted Forms Data
    - Products List
    - Reports in PDF format
    - Staff Directory
    - Terms/Dictionary
    - Uploaded Files
    - Groups for Site Features
    ** Unlimited number of items for each module. We have no restrictions.
Create Administrative accounts. This will enable you to create users and let them manage certain, or all parts of your website. For example, if you have someone in Human Resources that needs access to add new employees as they are hired, you can create an account then only give them access to the Staff Directory module.
Select multiple products and services that represent your company. Visitors will be able to search for particular products and services and will be able to find you this way in our directory.
Select North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes that represent your business. This will allow visitors to search for these codes and find your business or organization in our directory.
Create an unlimited number of web pages.
No hidden fees or charges.
Knowledgeable tech support. All our tech support representatives have worked extensively with the datapitstop application and have also helped develop it.
Direct input into future developments and refinements of datapitstop. Not any one individual can create an application like datapitstop. It's taken a lot of input from a lot of individuals to get it to where it is now. We aim to make datapitstop as easy to use to as many people as we can. We also aim to include as many useful features as possible. Both of these cannot be achieved without your input. When you make suggestions you will not be talking to a brick wall like some companies.
Full website statistics. Go here to view a sample: Web Statistics
Website examples can be located at http://examples.datapitstop.us . These sites contain full data. Keep in mind you may design the page any way you like.